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Welcome to English 239!

I hope you’re as excited about this class as I am. If not, give me a few hours during our first meeting (Wednesday, Jan 14, 2-5pm in STV 408) to convince you!

In the meantime, here’s a quick tour of the facilities on the class blog, which serves as your syllabus for this class. It may change as often as blogs typically change (i.e., daily), and I will let you know about any updates through this blog. In the sidebar, to your right, you will find my contact information for me. I will sometimes be in my office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and I will frequently have department meetings right before this class, but the best way to ensure catching me is to email me and make an appointment. I do not have scheduled office hours because one hour a week won’t do much good for of-the-moment questions. Email me and I’ll get back to you pretty quickly.

In the Pages section of the sidebar, you can access all relevant documentation for this class:

  • the About page describes the “big picture” of this class
  • the Assignments page describes, you guessed it, details about all the major assignments you will complete. Some of these are posted already, but they might change as the course morphs through the semester, so make sure to check back on assignment days.
  • the Resources page includes links to handouts, useful technology-tip websites, and course permission forms
  • the Schedule page has the weekly calendar for this class, including reading assignments, what we’re doing in class that day, and other homework
  • the Syllabus page describes the course goals, required texts and technologies, grading system, and my value statements

If I change something on one of these pages, I will notify you through a blog post.

In the Links section of the sidebar will be the class blogroll–that is, a list of links to the course blogs you will each set up on the first day of class.

In the Archives section of the sidebar is a month-by-month listing of blog post updates. Use this (or the Search function at the top of the sidebar) for your reference.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can comment on this post or email me.

Looking forward to the semester,
Dr. Ball