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“not found” key-issue assignment

Last week, you searched some phrases in digital media to find key terms in the fields we are studying. This week, you have a similar assignment. Take one of the issues listed under the “not found” list in the previous blog post (it’s the second list, fyi), and perform a similar search to last week’s. You need to find TWO useful texts on this new issue, summarize the text, and link to it from your blog. The purpose of this assignment is to expand our scope of key issues in digital media.

Keep in mind that the list is relatively short — we didn’t get to expand it as much as I wanted because the conversation went in different directions. So here’s another question that might generate more “not found” issues for you: Think of all the digital technology devices you own and/or interact with on a daily basis (i.e., cell phone, iPod, computer, camera, TV, XBox, etc.). How do you use these items? Was the way you use these items represented by any of the searches you performed last week? If not, they should be on our “not found” list. (If you have some examples, please leave a comment on this post with additional ideas, and I will add them to the list.)