key issues/terms list

Based on your search assignment last week, where you picked a term — “digital scholarship” or “multimodal composition” (or related) — here’s the list of key issues we created in class tonight:

  • consumers vs. producers
  • generational issues
  • copyright/legal issues
  • who is doing digital media?
  • interdisciplinary uses (tech writing, science, math, poetry, psych)
  • education uses and resistance
  • publication in digital journals/litmags
  • preservation — what will happen to e-texts?
  • tools
  • data collection – e/valuation
  • ethical research practices
  • remixing
  • multimodal instruction sets
  • lack of standards for digital scholarship
  • pedagogy: what gets replaced?
  • in vs. out of school writing
  • devaluing multimodal literacies
  • how do we convince others of its value?
  • how do we/I/you understand // reading and assessment practices
  • which mode/medium/technology/genre to use when and for what audience (“rhetorical choices”)
  • credibility issues (“schmooze” factor)
  • digital literacies (who is digitally literate and who isn’t?)

Then, in our list of what we didn’t find in our searches and hoped/expected to find:

  • definition(s) of multimodal composition
  • digital rhetoric journals
  • discussions of interactivity
  • academic vs. popular texts
  • hoped for more “webtexts”, but found more links to books, articles
  • disciplinarity question (why is MM comp in English?)
  • media literacy courses (why not have an equivalent of Eng 101, Com 110 in media literacy?)
  • Second Life
  • who should we be reading?
  • who are our examples?
  • is there a canon?

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